Our Standards

How we manage standards and risks in our supply chain

Selecting new suppliers

We have a set of standards that guide our business and behaviours. These standards set out what we consider to be best practice. All our suppliers are expected to meet our business standards.

When we work with suppliers, we outsource tasks. We don’t outsource risks. It’s our responsibility to carefully manage all risks within our supplier chain. 

When we choose new suppliers, we work together to identify risks. We ask suppliers to provide evidence of how they manage risks, and we factor this into our decision-making process.

Speaking up

At Aviva, we encourage anyone to raise any concerns or issues about wrongdoing or misconduct. By everyone we mean employees, contractors, outsource providers and other third parties. Speak Up is Aviva's Whistleblowing service.

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Become a supplier

What it takes to become an Aviva supplier.

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