Reporting fraud

Contact Speak Up to report your concerns

What to look for

We take wrongdoing in the workplace seriously. We’re building a culture in which people feel they can speak up about their concerns.

Everyone connected to Aviva should do the right thing to protect our customers, assets, reputation, and each other. By everyone we mean employees, contractors, providers and other third parties. 

If you see behaviour in the workplace, by Aviva or third parties, which could breach our Business Ethics Code including our regulation, unethical behaviour or suspected illegal or criminal activity you should report it to Speak Up.   

Fraudulant behaviour

Acts of bribery/corruption

Fraud of any kind

Money laundering

Price fixing, market abuse, or insider trading

Tax evasion

Failure to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation

Breach of data privacy 

Abuse of systems, processes or policies

Bullying or harassment

Potential conflicts of interest

Behaviour that harms our reputation or financial wellbeing

Danger to the health and safety of employees

Potential abuses of human rights

Serious environmental concern

You should also report the cover-up of any of the above. We’ll take your concerns seriously. You’ll be heard, protected and supported. 

Can I report a concern anonymously?

Yes. You can choose to report your concern to Speak Up anonymously.

The suppliers Speak Up service is run by Expolink, an independent company. If you report a concern anonymously, Expolink will protect your identity. They won’t share your name with our internal Speak Up team.

How do I report a concern?

By email:


By telephone: it’s free, always open, and you can report in your local language:

Country Number
Canada 1-855-223-2807
France 0800 918 479
Hong Kong 800 908 589
Ireland (Eire) 1800 806 186
Italy 800 797 552
Singapore 800 4411 140
Spain 900 974 481
UK 0800 915 4043
Vietnam 120 527

How will I be protected if I report a concern?

We won’t tolerate retaliation against anyone who speaks up.

If you believe you’ve been unfairly treated because you’ve reported a concern, please contact Speak Up. They will independently review your circumstances.

Our Speak Up team will keep what you tell them confidential during the investigation and afterwards, unless the law tells otherwise.

There may be times when our Speak Up team can’t resolve your concern without revealing your identity. For example, where your personal evidence is required. If that’s the case, they’ll always ask for your agreement first to the extent permissible by law.

If you report a concern anonymously, it can be more difficult for us to investigate, protect your position, or give you feedback on the outcome. But we would much rather you report your concern anonymously than not at all.

What happens when I report a concern?

1. Case opening

Our Speak Up team will decide who should investigate your concern: Group Investigations, People Function, or another team. 

2. Investigation

If you don’t report a concern anonymously, our Speak Up team will contact you to make sure that they have all the information they need and talk through the next steps.

3. Review

When our Speak Up team proceeds with an investigation; a qualified investigator will keep you informed if you would like them to. 

4. Record keeping

Our Speak Up team keep records of every investigation. At the end of the investigation, unless you have reported your concerns anonymously, our Speak Up team will ask you for feedback on the Speak Up process. 

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