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Our suppliers

Thank you for your interest. Our suppliers play an important role in helping our customers look to the future with confidence.

Here are some things you should consider when registering your interest:

What we buy

Indirect goods and services:

  • Contact centre and operational administration
  • Communication and marketing
  • Financial services
  • IT goods and services
  • Property and facilities management
  • Resourcing, consultancy and legal services

Insurance claim products (Direct goods and services):

  • Household emergency services
  • Household goods
  • Household technology
  • Property repair goods and services
  • Vehicle recovery/repair/hire

Medical Services (Direct goods and services):

  • Digital GP
  • Medical screening
  • Second medical opinion
  • Employee wellbeing

Our expectations

We expect suppliers to meet our standards and share our values

Care more

Environmental impact, business ethics, human rights, employee diversity, and child safe guarding. These things matter to us, and to you.

Create legacy

We take the long view to build a bright and sustainable future for all. This embodies all the above values and is a philosophy that drives our decisions.

Never rest

Our suppliers embrace innovation and continuous improvement. Just like we do.

Kill complexity

Simplicity in our supply chains, overcoming barriers and communicating well to kill complexity to provide a seamless service to our customers. This is how we deliver outstanding, cost-effective customer service. 

Register your interest

If you register your interest with us here we will be able to see your details when we are looking to source goods or services.

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